4 Burston Road, Putney, Greater London

4 Burston Road, Putney, Greater London
Photograph taken 09 Jan 1891 © Reproduced by permission of Historic England Archive ref: BL10577C

Four children standing in the snow in the back garden of 4 Burston Road. The Bedford Lemere daybook records the image as being taken for L A Withall. The 1891 census list a Latham A Withall (Architect) as the head of the household, along with his wife Louisa, their 6 children and 3 servants at this address. Five of the children; Adelaid (14), Richard (11), Letitia (9), Osborn (7) and Latham (4) were born in South Australia. Only the youngest, called Phyliss (1), was born in Putney. Perhaps this photograph was taken as it was the first time that the children, having grown up in Australia, had seen snow?


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