Anti Abyssinian War Memorial, Woodford, Greater London

Anti Abyssinian War Memorial, Woodford, Greater London
Photograph taken 24 October 1999 © Mr Alan Simpson LRPS. Source Historic England Archive ref: 204838

This monument was put up in 1935 as a protest against Mussolini's invasion of Abyssinia (now called Ethiopia) in 1935/36. The monument depicts a falling bomb as the Italians used aerial bombing raids to drop mustard gas on Abyssinian soldiers and civilians. It has the following inscriptions. Front - "To those who in 1932 upheld the right to use bombing aeroplanes". Left - "this monument is raised as a protest against war in the air" Right - "originally unveiled by R P Zaphiro, secretary of the Imperial Ethiopian Legation London. Supported by James Ranger, E J A Webster, J Davey, Sylvia Pankhurst. October 20th 1935". Rear - "The site of this monument is the property of Sylvia Pankhurst. Design and work by Eric Benfield". It was listed for its historic value.


Greater London Woodford


1930s (1930 - 1938)



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