Archer, Beeston Castle, Beeston, Cheshire

Reconstruction drawing of an archer in the tower at Beeston Castle. The towers were an important part of the castle's defences. From them archers could shoot arrows across the outer ditches and banks. Because there were several gaps to shoot from at differnt places in the walls they could create 'crossfire', giving them the best chance of hitting any attackers. Beeston Castle was built by Ranulf de Blunderville, sixth Earl of Chester, in c1220. It became a royal castle in 1237. It was strengthened by Edward I (1272-1307) who had the towers raised and crenellated. It was noted as a ruin in 1543. It was then partially demolished in 1646 by the Royalists, during the Civil War. It then became a popular destination for visitors as a 'romantic ruin'. This property is now in the care of English Heritage (2010). Find out more


Cheshire Beeston


Medieval (Middle Ages) (1066 - 1484)


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