Battle of Mortimer's Cross Monument, Kingsland, Herefordshire

Battle of Mortimer's Cross Monument, Kingsland, Herefordshire
Photograph taken 02 August 2003 © Mrs Ann Vint LRPS. Source Historic England Archive ref: 150047

This monument was built in 1799. It has a long inscription that commemorates the Battle of Mortimer's Cross. The battle is one of the most obscure of the Wars of the Roses. It did, however, give the young Edward, Earl of March, experience of commanding in battle and helped him to win 3 later battles. It added to his military reputation and destroyed a strong Lancastrian challenge in the West Midlands. It also strengthened the Yorkist cause as Edward's success helped persuade many influential southerners to accept him when he became Edward IV in March 1461. There is some confusion about the exact date of the battle. Although it is normally given as 2 February 1461 several chronicles refer to fighting taking place on Tuesday 3 February.


Herefordshire Kingsland


Medieval (Middle Ages) (1066 - 1484)



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