Becontree Estate, Barking, Greater London

The Becontree Estate under constuction in 1927. The Estate was begun in 1921 by the London County Council as part of the 'Homes for Heroes' scheme after World War One. It was designed as a cottage garden estate, where parks, gardens and green spaces were as important as houses. Over 300 acres of land were compulsorily purchased in Dagenham, Ilford and Barking. A 500-foot jetty was built on the Thames so that building materials could be brought in by barge. It took over ten years to build and was the largest estate in the world. Its 27,000 houses provided new homes for over 100,000 people. They were originally intended for the better-off working class Londoner. They were fitted with gas and electricity, inside toilets, fitted baths and front and back gardens. More aerial photographs.


Greater London Barking


1920s (1920 - 1929)


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