Bridge over New River, King's Mead, Hertford, Hertfordshire

This bridge was built in c1837 to span the improved Hertford cut of the New River. The New River was built in 1608-13 by Sir Hugh Myddelton to provide water for London. It was a 38 mile water course from Chadwell Spring, between Ware and Hertford. By the early 18th century the supply had become inadequate. In 1739 a new Act allowed water to be drawn from the River Lea near Hertford, to be measured by gauges, designed by Robert Mylne (1733-1811). The River Lee Act of 1855 gave the New River Company and the East London Waterworks Company the right to take the whole of the Lea water, with the exception of that required for navigation.


Hertfordshire Hertford


Victorian (1837 - 1901)



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