Former Prison, Bridewell Street, Little Walsingham, Norfolk

Former Prison, Bridewell Street, Little Walsingham, Norfolk
Photograph taken 19 October 2002 © Mr Frank H. P. Wadeson. Source Historic England Archive ref: 223093

This building was built in 1787 on the site of the Old Leper Hospital. It was built as a gaol known as the County Bridewell. In 1819 the prison had eight cells and a sick room. In 1820 an extension was begun. This added 16 cells, four dayrooms and two courtyards. In 1822 it became known as the County House of Correction. In 1823 four treadwheels were built. These were for prisoners to use to grind corn. By 1824 there were 22 cells, three apartments for the sick, two dayrooms and three airing yards. A new chapel was added in 1825, the existing one being too small. The prison may have been extended again between 1824 and 1834, when it was said to have 32 sleeping cells and six dayrooms or wards. Twenty separate cells had been added by 1847. The prison closed in 1861.


Norfolk Little Walsingham


Georgian (1714 - 1836)



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