King Arthur's Round Table, nr Eamont Bridge, Cumbria

This is a Late Neolithic henge monument. It situated between the rivers Eamont and Lowther. In c1664 the antiquarian Thomas Dugdale sketched the henge. His sketch showed two opposing entrances, both with two standing stones next to them. These stones had disappeared when another antiquarian, Willaim Stukely, saw the monument in 1725. It has been damaged by roads on the northern and eastern sides. Now there is just one entrance on the southern side, the other northern entrance having since been destroyed. It was excavated in 1937 by R Collingwood and continued in 1939 by G Bersu. This site is now in the care of English Heritage (2010). Find out more


Cumbria Eamont Bridge


Prehistoric (to AD42)


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