Liverpool Docks, Liverpool, Merseyside

Liverpool Docks, Liverpool, Merseyside
Photograph taken 11th June 1941 © Historic England Archive RAF Photography ref: RAF_13H_UK789_v_198

This vertical aerial view shows the devastation caused to this area by bombing during WW2. On the bottom left is the Albert Dock. The Pier Head area is just shown on the left above the Canning Dock. The large bombed out building with the roof completely gone, to the right of the docks, is the Old Custom House. This was built on the site of Liverpool's oldest dock. The building was demolished after the war and has since been redeveloped. The site is now a bus station and new shopping centre known as Liverpool One. A barrage balloon can be seen above a bomb damaged street near the bottom middle of the photograph.


Merseyside Liverpool


World War Two (1939 - 1945)


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