Opening of the Mersey Tunnel, Liverpool, Merseyside

Opening of the Mersey Tunnel, Liverpool, Merseyside
Photograph taken 18 July 1934 © Reproduced by permission of Historic England Archive ref: BB81/0253

The main entrance to the original, Queensway, tunnel is closed by curtains at the start of the opening ceremony. The 2 mile tunnel was built in 1925-34. The engineers were Sir Basil Mott and J.A. Brodie with Herbert J. Rowse as architect. The tunnel is not very deep. At one point, mid river, there is only 4 feet of solid rock above the tunnel. The entrance was designed in an Art Deco style. There were two lodges in the form of triumphal arches to the left and right of the entrance with Art Deco ornamentation in an Egyptian style. The original green toll booths can be seen on the left by the lodge. The ceremony was clearly a grand affair with huge crowds attending.


Merseyside Liverpool


1930s (1930 - 1938)


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