Packing fish, Scarborough, North Yorkshire

Packing fish, Scarborough, North Yorkshire
Photograph taken 1896-1920 © Reproduced by permission of Historic England Archive ref: BB98/05780

A group of middle class people watch from the harbour wall as fish are gutted and packed into barrels. This work seems to be performed exclusively by women although the supervisor is a man. Herring were gutted and packed by teams of migrant workers, mostly Scottish fisher girls. The tourists are wearing very different clothes from the workers. The workers are wearing clogs on their feet. Clogs were hardwearing and good protection from water and mud. This photograph was taken at the old pier, Scarborough


North Yorkshire Scarborough


Victorian (1837 - 1901)


women work fish trade industry worker harbour quay seaside barrel clothing class victorian (1837 - 1901)