Pimp Hall Dovecote, Chingford, Greater London

This barn and dovecote dates from the 17th century. It is a timber framed building on a brick base. The holes for the doves can be seen in the gables at the top of the roof. Doves or pigeons were kept for food. The estate has been named after different owners at various times; the Buckerells, Gowers or Pimps. It belonged to the Buckerell family in the 13th century. In the late 15th century it was held by Sir J Gower. At one stage it was held by Henry VIII. In 1538 it was sold to Sir G Monoux. In the 16th century Pimp Hall was a farmhouse. It was demolished in 1936-9.


Greater London Chingford


Stuart (1603 - 1713)


dovecote food barn timber frame Stuart (1603 - 1713)