Portchester Castle (Portus Adurni), Portchester, Hampshire

Portchester Castle (Portus Adurni), Portchester, Hampshire
Photograph taken 17 April 2000 © Dr M.G. Askew. Source Historic England Archive ref: 141469

Portchester Castle was originally built as a shore fort in the late Roman period. This fort was called "Portus Adurni". It was reused in the Saxon period as a settlement. It became a defensive burgh from the 10th century. This was under Edward the Elder in 904 AD. In the late 11th century a Norman tower keep castle was built within the shore fort walls. This was by a William Mauduit. In 1130 the castle was acquired by a William Pont de l'Arche. After major works 1320-26, the buildings on the west of the inner bailey became a self-contained palace. This was rebuilt by Richard II between 1396-99. By 1441 the castle was considered ruinous. This site is now in the care of English Heritage (2011). Find out more.


Hampshire Portchester


Roman (43 - 409)


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