Rotherwas Chapel, Rotherwas, Herefordshire

Rotherwas Chapel is a former Roman Catholic chapel. Documents record that a church existed at Rotherwas in 1304. It is part of a manor house originally belonging to the De La Barre family and later the Bodenham family. In the 1580s Sir Roger Bodenham enlarged the house and rebuilt the chapel. Sir Roger converted to Roman Catholicism in 1606. The chapel was used for worship by the local Roman Catholics. In 1732 Sir Charles Bodenham replaced the old house with a grand mansion. The chapel's west tower was built at this time. In 1928 the house was demolished but the chapel survived. It was take into guardianship in 1928 and is now (2011) in the care of English Heritage. Find out more.


Herefordshire Hereford


Medieval (Middle Ages) (1066 - 1484)


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