South Docks, Middlesbrough

An aerial view of the South Docks along the River Tees in Middlesbrough. One of the docks has a ship inside it. The lock gates that gave access to the docks and allowed water to be drained from them can clearly be seen. A shipyard, along with drydocks and repair facilities, was developed from 1908 by Smith's Dock Company Ltd. They were built on a completely new site fronting the River Tees at South Bank, a little way downstream from Middlesbrough. There were steelworks to the east and west. One stood above the dock on the left. In 1977, the yard was incorporated into the nationalised group British Shipbuilders. Over 900 vessels were built here at South Bank between 1910 and 1987. By the time this photograph was taken many of the docks had been filled in.


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