The Bullring and Rotunda, Birmingham, West Midlands

The Bullring and Rotunda, Birmingham, West Midlands
Photograph taken August 1995 © Copyright Crown copyright.NMR ref: AA95/04383

The Rotunda was originally constructed as an office block with two floors for shops, two floors for a bank, a floor for the bank’s strong room, sixteen office floors and two floors for services, all topped by a parapet. It was begun in 1960 and designed by the local architect James Roberts (born 1922). It was completed to revised designs in 1964-5. It was converted in 2005-2008 by Glenn Howells Architects to create residential apartments. The Rotunda office block became a symbol of unnecessary redevelopment as very few of the offices were ever let. The Bullring was built as part of the same development and was one of the first multi-level covered shopping centres.


West Midlands Birmingham


1960s (1960 - 1969)



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