The Lighthouse, The Lizard, Landewednack, Cornwall

The Lighthouse, The Lizard, Landewednack, Cornwall
Photograph taken 09 September 2004 © Helmut Schulenburg. Source Historic England Archive ref: 64652

This lighthouse was built in 1752. The engine room was added in 1881. The houses for the lighthouse keepers were built in 1882. Thomas Fonnereau of Bochym superintended the construction for the Corporation of Trinity House, London. The first lighthouse on this site was finished in 1619. It was built by Sir John Hilligrew. The new lighthouse of 1752 originally had lights in 2 towers powered by coal furnaces. In 1812 oil driven lamps with reflectors were introduced. By 1878 there were arc lamps and a fog siren. The twin towers were in operation until 1903 when they were replaced by a single flashing light from one tower.


Cornwall Landewednack


Georgian (1714 - 1836)


lighthouse sea coast Georgian (1714 - 1836)