The Singer Building, High Street, Leicester

The Singer Building, High Street, Leicester
Photograph taken 30 July 2004 © Mr Peter M Small. Source Historic England Archive ref: 459806

This building was originally shops, showrooms and offices. It was built in 1902-4. It was designed by Arthur Wakerley (1862-1931), a prominent local architect, developer, philanthropist and politician. Most of the building was occupied as the Midland headquarters and main showroom of the Singer Sewing Machine Co from 1904 to c1965. It is a rare and well preserved example of an Edwardian commercial property decorated with an Art Nouveau style. The decorations include references to the Empire with carvings of animals above union jacks. The countries represented include AUSTRALIA with a Kangaroo, EGYPT with a camel, CANADA with a mountain lion, INDIA with a tiger, BURMAH with an elephant and AFRICA with an ostrich.


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Edwardian (1902 - 1913)


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