Ventilation Station , Birkenhead, Merseyside

Ventilation Station , Birkenhead, Merseyside
Photograph taken 20 July 2006 © Dr Geoffrey Court. Source Historic England Archive ref: 389269

This ventilation station for the Mersey Road tunnel (Queensway) dates from 1925-34. This tower at Woodside is the largest of a series of 3 towers on the Birkenhead side. The architect was Herbert Rowse and the engineers, Sir Basil Mott and J.A. Brodie. The building is steel framed with brick cladding and the main tower is 210 feet high. It has giant fans that are used to provide fresh air for the tunnel and its branches, a total of almost 3 miles in length. The building has been designed and decorated in an Art Deco style to disguise its very functional purpose and stands in an impressive position right on the river's edge. There are similar ones on the Liverpool side.


Merseyside Birkenhead


1920s (1920 - 1929)


tunnel art deco transport road 1920s (1920 - 1929)