Wall Roman Site, Wall, Staffordshire

Wall Roman Site, Wall, Staffordshire
Photograph taken 01 March 1997 © Historic England Archive Photo Library ref: J970065

The Roman town at Wall was known as Letocetum in Roman times. The town lay on the Roman Road of Watling Street, the Roman military road to North Wales and became a key staging post. Visitors (usually imperial postal couriers) changed their horses and stayed overnight in the guest house (mansio), making use of the bath house. The surviving remains of the bath house and guest house are visible today. This reconstruction drawing shows what it would have been like inside the bath house. The cutaway section shows how the hot bath was heated by a hypocaust. The property is in the care of English Heritage (2011).


Staffordshire Wall


Roman (43 - 409)


english heritage reconstruction bath house roman (43 - 409)