Wallingford Castle, Wallingford, Oxfordshire

Wallingford Castle, Wallingford, Oxfordshire
Photograph taken 01 August 2005 © Miss Claire Pearce. Source Historic England Archive ref: 249216

This fragment of wall is all that is left of Wallingford Castle. The castle was begun in 1067 by order of William the Conqueror. A Motte and Bailey castle was complete by 1071. It was expanded in the 13th century under King John, and King Henry III. In 1335 Edward II gave the castle to his son Edward, the Black Prince, Duke of Cornwall. He spent lots on repairs and improvements. By the 1540s the castle had fallen into disrepair and stone was being used for other buildings in the town. During the Civil War it was fortified as a Royalist stronghold. Charles I inspected these new works in 1643. On the 17th November 1652 Cromwell's Council of State ordered its demolition.


Oxfordshire Wallingford


Medieval (Middle Ages) (1066 - 1484)


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