Stories in Stone - How & why has Bradford changed over time?

Over the course of 3 lessons pupils will explore and categorise the changes in a range of historic buildings over time in a particular location. They will then look to explain these changes by linking them to political, economic, social and religious factors.

Mosque building situated on the corner of a street
Minhaj-ul-Quran Mosque, Bradford © Historic England DP071723


Teaching idea

How and why have Bradford’s buildings changed over time?

Learning aims and outcomes

  • Pupils will learn how specific buildings changed their use and use labels to record these changes on a diagram
  • Pupils will use their evidence to debate which of the buildings shows the most change over time.
  • Pupils will sort cards explaining some changes in Bradford’s history, creating labels for different kinds of change
  • Pupils will discuss the terms “political, economic, social and religious change” and how these might apply to the labels they've created
  • Pupils will debate which type of change might be most important in explaining how particular buildings themselves changed overall
  • Pupils will debate what type of change has had the most effect on Bradford as a whole

Prior knowledge

  • An understanding that places change over time
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