Stories in Stone - How & why has Bradford changed over time?

Over the course of 3 lessons pupils will explore and categorise the changes in a range of historic buildings over time in a particular location. They will then look to explain these changes by linking them to political, economic, social and religious factors.


Teaching idea

How and why have Bradford’s buildings changed over time?

Learning aims and outcomes

  • Pupils will learn how specific buildings changed their use and use labels to record these changes on a diagram
  • Pupils will use their evidence to debate which of the buildings shows the most change over time.
  • Pupils will sort cards explaining some changes in Bradford’s history, creating labels for different kinds of change
  • Pupils will discuss the terms “political, economic, social and religious change” and how these might apply to the labels they've created
  • Pupils will debate which type of change might be most important in explaining how particular buildings themselves changed overall
  • Pupils will debate what type of change has had the most effect on Bradford as a whole

Prior knowledge

  • An understanding that places change over time