Tracing of a section through the Regimental Institute, showing the proposed reorganisation and extension with elevations, steelwork details and a section of the new porch and staircase to the Institute's restaurant

Aug 1924
Dover Castle, Regimental Institute, Dover, Kent
Measured Drawing
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The longitudinal sectional elevation is extensively annotated and includes the foundations. The two elevations show the two sides of a corner of the building with the stairs leading up to the porch into the restaurant. The door from this porch is visible on the left of the main sectional elevation. The section goes through the porch and all give detailed measurements and have some construction notes. The details of the steelwork for these stairs are at a scale 1.5" to 1ft. There are also two details of steelwork for the landing at the head of the stairs, these are at a scale of 1" to 1ft. These also have extensive measurements and annotations. The main sectional elevation and the section and elevations of the porch and staircase are at a scale of 1" to 4ft. This is a tracing of the original and has been signed by several Royal Engineers. It was copied and the copy hand-tinted.


This is part of the Job: PF/DOV/015 Alterations to buildings for expanded military use in 1924, Dover Castle; within the Volume: PF/DOV Dover Castle, Kent; within the Series: EHC01/022 English Heritage Plans and Measured Drawings; within the Collection: EHC01 English Heritage(EH):Archive


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External Staircase, Porch, Regimental Institute