Sub Series: Wreck Raw Data July 1998 Zip Disk

Bartholomew Ledges
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Church Rocks
Hms Invincible
Hms/M A1
Studland Bay Wreck
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This zip disk contains 7 folders of survey data obtained in 1998, relating to the HMS A1, Bartholomew Ledges, Church Rocks, HMS Bideford, HMS Invincible, Pandora, and Studland Bay Wrecks.

The Zip Disk also contains 8 files: 50MZ; 50ZIP.exe; adufax.PUB; ADUSlideshow.ppt; File Archive12_1_99.mdb; Sites ADU 12_1_99.mdb; SUBMAP-1 (2).mdb; Submappers2.mdb.

File Archive12_1_99.mdb provides a table of folders that have been zipped and archived.

Sites ADU_12_99.mdb contains the following tables: ADU Operations; Archaeological Advisor/Director; Christmas card list; Contacts; Designation; Licensee; Location; Logistics; Non Designated Sites; Photographs; Publications; Site [listing 45 sites, whether they have been surveyed by diver, bathymetry or magnetometer survey and additional notes]; and video.


This is part of the Series: ADU01/11 Zip Disks Series; within the Collection: ADU01 Archaeological Diving Unit Archive

This Sub Series is divided into 7 Child Volumes
This Sub Series contains the following materials:
Data - Digital: 8
Floppy Disk: 1


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