Volume: Various Wrecks Themed 35mm Slide Sheet (2 of 2)

1986 - 2002
Volume containing Photographic and Miscellaneous material
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Sheet of twenty one 35mm slides depicting wrecks, abandoned vessels, artefacts and maps from around Europe. The maps are of the UK and Cornwall. Artefacts are the Athlit Ram, foot of an amphorae, handle of an amphora and classical statues. There is also a slide of a mosaic and a frieze sculpture and a circular arrangement of lead pipes in the Rennes Museum. Abandoned vessels in Aporto and Rouve Dour in Portugal are also depicted.


This is part of the Series: ADU01/13 Marine Archaeological Teaching and Research 35mm Slides Series; within the Collection: ADU01 Archaeological Diving Unit Archive

This Volume contains the following materials:
Photograph (35mm Slide): 21
35mm Film File Page: 1


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