Entrance to Carnegie Public Library

Carnegie Public Library, Erewash, Derbyshire. Photo contributed by Alan Murray-Rust See the List entry
Carnegie Public Library, Erewash, Derbyshire. Photo contributed by Alan Murray-Rust See the List entry

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Are you ready to make your mark on history?

The most significant of England's historic buildings and places are listed, so they can be understood and protected for the future.

The List is a unique record of our country's evolving history and character. You can search every entry on it for free.

Help keep the List rich, relevant and up-to-date.

Many places on the List are well-known and even world-famous. But in some cases there is much that remains unknown.

99% of people in England live within a mile of a listed building or place. We invite you to share your knowledge and pictures of listed places with us, so we can record important facts, and even unlock the secrets of some places.

The List has over 400,000 entries: tower blocks and tombstones, barrows and bunkers, palaces and pigsties, plague crosses and piers, cathedrals, windmills and rollercoasters.

That's why we need your help - so we can all share images, insights and secrets of England's special places, and capture them for future generations.

What can you share?

  • Photos - new or old!
  • Historical events and social history
  • Later changes since a building was listed
  • Information about the architecture or archaeology

If you're a teacher you can even share photos of your pupil's work inspired by their local listed buildings. To help get you started Enriching the List with your class we've created a step by step guide for teachers. We hope you'll find it a useful way to get young people involved with their local heritage.

How does it work?

Any information you supply will be moderated by us to make sure it's appropriate but factual accuracy is not being checked. Contributions will appear on the List after the official entry for that place. We'll email you to let you know when you can see your contribution online.

What if I want to suggest a change to a listing?

Enriching the List is for adding extra information about a listing rather than making a change to the entry. You can report small corrections to an entry as Minor Amendments. If you'd like us to consider a major amendment please complete our online application form. Alternatively, if you'd like us to consider a major amendment within an agreed timeframe, you could opt for a Listing Enhancement - one of our charged for Enhanced Advisory Services.

If you have any questions, please contact us using the email address at the bottom of this page.

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Outside the South door of [St Swithun's church], ... there are three tablets which form a memorial to three Protestants, burnt at the stake on 18 July, 1556, in East Grinstead...

Emma Smithson, Enriching the List Contributor

[Runcorn Town Hall] originated as a mansion built for Thomas Johnson, a local soap and alkali manufacturer...

Peter Vardy, Enriching the List Contributor

[The museum] contains one of only two surviving examples of the world's first commercially available home video recorder...

Philip Carlisle, Enriching the List Contributor
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