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Sheep grazing at Butser Farm, photographed by J Browning © Historic England

PZG Meetings and Minutes

Professional Zooarchaeology Group meetings are held twice a year, at universities, museums and archaeological units throughout the UK. Minutes of each meeting can be found by clicking on the meeting's topic in the table below.

Past meetings

Topic Location Date
 Inaugural meeting English Heritage, Fort Cumberland, Portsmouth Jul. 2005
 Palaeopathology University of Leicester Jan. 2006
 Microfauna Oxford Archaeology, Oxford Jul. 2006
 Fish bones University of Bradford Jan. 2007
 Bird Bones Natural History Museum, Tring Jul. 2007
 Isotopes and DNA Research Laboratory for Archaeology and History of Art, University of Oxford Jan. 2008
 Biometry Cotswold Archaeology, Cirencester Jun. 2008
 Statistics University of Nottingham Jan. 2009
 Ageing and sexing Bournemouth University Aug. 2009
 Reference Collections University of Sheffield Feb. 2010
 Butchery University of Cambridge Feb. 2011
 Taphonomy University of York  Jul. 2011
Unusual animal bone deposits MoLA, London Feb. 2012
Animal Bones Guidelines and sheep/goat distinction workshop  English Heritage, Fort Cumberland, Portsmouth Jul. 2012
Carnivores Wessex Archaeology, Salisbury Mar. 2013
Palaeopathology University of Leicester Aug. 2013
Equids University of Central Lancashire, Preston Feb. 2014
Medieval Zooarchaeology University of Nottingham Mar. 2015
Roman Zooarchaeology (and PZG 10th Anniversary) Historic England, Portsmouth Aug. 2015
Marine Fauna University of the Highlands and Islands, Kirkwall, Orkney Apr. 2016
Bone Working Cardiff University Jun. 2017
Commensals and microfauna The University of York Mar. 2018
Perinatal animal bones Historic England Portsmouth Mar. 2019


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