Remains of intertidal peat and submerged forest deposits at Wootton-Quarr, Isle of Wight. Note the procumbent tree stumps in the foreground
Wootton-Quarr intertidal peat and submerged forest © Historic England
Wootton-Quarr intertidal peat and submerged forest © Historic England

Intertidal and Coastal Peat Database

Intertidal and submerged peat deposits are found along England's coastline. They often contain diverse plant and animal remains which can provide important information on past environments, sea-level histories and the timings of any changes.

Where such deposits are found related to evidence of human activity, this environmental data can help us reconstruct the past landscapes in which people were living. The intertidal and coastal peat database was created to bring together records of peat deposits as a research tool.

Background to the database

As part of a project to record the number of known sites and the extent of peat deposits around the English coastline, a database has been compiled detailing site information such as their location, nature, age and related archaeology.

The database will be of use to researchers and coastal planners, by identifying former and existing sites, and as a bibliography. The database can also be used to recognise research priorities, through the identification of:

  1. known coastal sites at risk of loss (such as through erosion)
  2. locating new sites.

Updating the database

The database will be updated as and when new site records are found.

We would like you to submit details of any new sites.  Please follow the instructions and complete the relevant tables within the Site details submission form and then email them to [email protected]

Further information

For further information on the database, please see:

Hazell. Z 'Offshore and intertidal peat deposits, England — a resource assessment and development of a databaseEnvironmental Archaeology 13(2) (2008), 101-110 

If you have any queries or suggestions, or you require a more detailed site search please email the database administrator at [email protected]