Professional Zooarchaeology Group (PZG)

The PZG brings together professional animal bone specialists working in commercial, public and academic organisations through twice yearly meetings with themed workshops and peer support.

Joining the group brings professionals together who otherwise may be working in isolation. Group members get to share important new discoveries, or practical, methodological and theoretical developments in our field.

Photograph of archaeological animal bones
A pile of medieval animal bones © English Heritage

Aims of the PZG

Our aim is to facilitate the exchange of ideas between specialists and to establish a mutually-beneficial support network. While specialists working within universities and public bodies are able to provide access to libraries and reference collections, those working within units or as freelancers can offer their knowledge of current British archaeology, project designs for forthcoming excavations, as well as insight into ‘grey literature’.

PZG meetings

We meet twice a year, at universities, museums and archaeological units throughout the UK. At each meeting, we focus on a particular aspect of zooarchaeology, combining thematic discussion and practical workshops.

Minutes from our past meetings are published on this website.

If you would like to host a meeting or would like to suggest topics for future meetings, please contact [email protected].

Forthcoming meeting

The next PZG meeting will be held on Saturday 17th June 2017 at Cardiff University, hosted by Richard Madgwick, Jacqui Mulville and Julia Best. The themes for the day are feasting and antler/bone working

The provisional programme includes morning talks on the topic of feasting and an afternoon practical session on antler and bone working incorporating a ‘show and tell’, analysis of a range of specimens and methods, and the opportunity for some practical involvement in the process.

If you are interested in attending or offering a presentation please contact Julia Best [email protected].

PZG members are given priority when we have limited places. As always, case study presentations on other current work are also welcome.


Membership is open to practicing (professional) zooarchaeologists, employed or unemployed, and to students who engage in paid commercial work.

We give priority to full time, part time or unemployed specialists (non-students) for participation in the PZG meetings. In this way, we maintain our focus on providing support to professionals, in particular those working within the commercial sector.

To enquire about joining the PZG, please email [email protected]. Together with your contact details, please provide a brief statement about your current work and interests in zooarchaeology.

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