Photograph of tree trunk cross-section

Section through oak tree trunk showing annual rings © Historic England
Section through oak tree trunk showing annual rings © Historic England

Charcoal and Wood Work Group

The Charcoal and Wood Work Group (CWWG) is aimed primarily at British specialists, working on British or international material. The group aims to foster communication and dissemination of ideas between specialists engaged in different studies of historical wood utilisation, such as wood-working technologists and wood anatomists, and also between those employed as freelancers or in commercial units and universities, as well as students.

Photograph of archaeological oak charcoal fragment
Fragment of deciduous oak charcoal showing evidence of 'vitrification' recovered from a late 1st century AD layer associated with repair to the seating bank of Chester amphitheatre © English Heritage

CWWG meetings

Next meeting 2019

We are planning to hold the next CWWG meeting this Autumn. More details to follow.

Minutes of previous meetings

Photograph of pollarded oak trees
Oak pollards at Staverton park, Suffolk © Dana Challinor

CWWG weblist and contact for the group

The Charcoal and Wood weblist provides a digital forum for discussion, the dissemination of notices about conferences, meetings and publications, and promotes communication with international colleagues and researchers.

The CWWG can be contacted through the weblist or contact Dana Challinor direct: [email protected]


Stack of cut poplar timbers
Poplar timbers from Aynho © Dana Challinor
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