The Archaeology of Norwich ‘Growth Point’ & Environs: Results of the Norwich Growth Point NMP Project - English Heritage Project No. 5313

Author(s): Ellen Bales, Alice Cattermole, Sarah Horlock, Sophie Tremlett

This report covers the first phase of the Thetford, Norwich and A11 corridor NMP project and focuses on the urban core and rural environs of Norwich. The wider project (English Heritage Project No. 5313) is designed to assess the potential for using historic and modern aerial photographs for recording and characterising the historic environment of urban centres and their environs, with particular reference to areas designated 'New Growth Point' (NGP) status by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) in October 2006. The Norwich phase of the project was carried out by staff at Norfolk Landscape Archaeology between 2008 and 2010. The report describes the methodology and products of the air photo interpretation and mapping to National Mapping Programme standards. There are period and thematic summaries that highlight key results of the survey and an analysis of the survey results including an assessment of NMP for use in the planning process.

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Aerial Photograph Interpretation Aerial Photography National Mapping Programme


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