Historic Landscape Characterisation of The East Riding of Yorkshire and Kingston-Upon-Hull

Author(s): Lisa M. Wastling, Richard George

The Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire HLC project commenced in January 2011. The principal aim of the project was to identify, record and understand the historic character of the present urban and rural landscape in order to aid spatial planning, manage proposed development, conservation projects and identify other processes of change with the potential to modify the character of the region’s landscape as it currently exists. The initial stage of the project involved the characterisation of four Pilot Areas, chosen for their diverse landscape character. These were in northern Holderness (Seaton parish and Hornsea), the Yorkshire Wolds (Warter parish), the South Eastern Vale of York/Derwent Valley (Cottingwith and Melbourne parishes) and Greater Hull (including the satellite village of Sutton on Hull). The Pilot Areas were finished in June 2011, after which the polygonisation of the remaining area began. Following completion of this in September 2013, work progressed to the definition of a number of Character Areas and the production of statements describing their present landscape, accompanied by a brief landscape history. In total, the HLC project created 36,991 polygons, covering a total Project Area of 241,204ha. Fifteen Character Areas were subsequently defined and have been described in this report.

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Historic Landscape Characterisation


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