Our Statutory Advice Service and Enquiries

Local planning authorities and the Government notify and consult us on a range of applications affecting the historic environment. We have specific statutory functions in London.

On receipt of any statutory consultation or notification, we will:

  • ascertain whether we have given pre-application advice
  • confirm our interest, and carry out an initial assessment to determine
    how the consultation will be handled and the nature of any response
  • identify the need for any outstanding information and, where necessary, agree a suitable timetable for giving advice 
  • provide advice within the agreed timetable; we will respond to notifications of listed building consent and planning applications within 21 days of receipt unless otherwise agreed
  • provide relevant information and advice, and present it clearly and concisely

In some instances our Commission and/or an advisory committee will need to consider a case. Where this is so, it may not be possible to meet the 21-day target and we will seek to agree a longer period with the relevant parties.

We do not provide standing advice which can be taken as our formal response to a range of applications. We consider each application individually and respond accordingly. However, we do provide general advice on a number of topics, which may be found on our website.

In general we do not have a statutory role in the writing or discharging of planning conditions or section 106 agreements. We may advise on the need for these and their general scope as part of our formal response to consultations or notifications, but expect the local planning authority to resolve their details.


If you have an enquiry about a specific case please contact your Local Office and give them the site name and reference number. The Local Office is also the first port of call for all factual enquiries.

For other enquiries, please contact our Customer Services Department.