Links and Resources

Web links for the disability history project.

All the kings fools
All the King's Fools was a ground-breaking performance performed at Hampton Court Palace in February and October 2011. It was written and performed by The Misfits, a company of actors with learning difficulties from Bristol. They worked with jester and director Peet Cooper of Foolscap Productions to produce a piece that showed how jesters performed in Henry VIII's court.

The Bethlem Royal Hospital Archives and Museum
The Bethlem Royal Hospital Archives and Museum records the lives and experience and celebrates the achievements of people with mental health problems.'

Dartford Hospital Histories
A website with extensive information about the cluster of hospitals and asylums in Dartford.

The Disability History Group
The website of the Disability History Group. The Disability History Group (DHG) is an international association that promotes research into the history of disability. Its goal is to broaden the scope of disability history and deliver fresh and dynamic perspectives on the way disability has been used to legitimate and understand norms, social relations, inequality, and oppression. This includes historical research into individuals, groups and institutions, as well as representations/constructions and perspectives on disability.

The Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People
The Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People have an archive of material about the GMCDP and the disability rights movement in general.

Children's Society
A Children's Society archival web resource extensively cataloguing and displaying the records and photographs of the many disabled children in the Care of the Waifs and Strays Society.

The Disability History Museum
This is a virtual project, it has no bricks or mortar. It aims to provide all site visitors, people with and without disabilities, researchers, teachers and students, with a wide array of tools to help deepen their understanding of human variation and difference, and to expand appreciation of how vital to our common life the experiences of people with disabilities have always been.

High Royds Hospital: Memorial Garden Menston
A website exploring the histories of many of the residents of High Royds Pauper Lunatic Assylum.

The ‘How Was School?’ project
From the Alliance for Inclusive education this project looks at Disabled People’s experiences of education over the last 100 years through the telling and recording of personal memories and histories of school. This unique collection designed and delivered by disabled people has produced an oral history resource that will serve as an archive in the public interest but will also be a practical tool for schools, colleges and other education providers to bring to life debates on citizenship, equality and diversity.

The Leonard Cheshire Archive

University of Leeds: Disability Studies
CDS is an interdisciplinary centre for research and education in the field of disability studies at the University of Leeds (England). The Centre incorporates and develops the work of the former Disability Research Unit (DRU) and aims to promote international excellence within the field. This website also contains a link to the Disability Archive.

Nineteenth-Century Disability: A Digital Reader
This is an interdisciplinary collection of primary texts on physical and cognitive disability in the nineteenth century. It is a free scholarly resource, designed to help university level instructors and students incorporate a disability studies perspective into their work.

The Open University's Social History of Learning Disability

RNIB Archive
The RNIB's collection of artefacts representing the history and culture of blind and partially sighted people in the UK over the last 150 years and beyond.

A comprehensive history of mental health treatment in the UK.

Disability History month is an annual event creating a platform to focus on the history of disabled peoples' struggle for equality and human rights.

The Wellcome Collection
The Wellcome Collection has a huge archive of images and documents associated with the history of disability as well as a library.