Carved stone hands

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Carved stone hands reading braille on the former Royal School for the Indigent Blind, Hardman Street, Liverpool © Historic England DP039388

Disability History: Voices and Sources Conference

A busy and engaging one day conference jointly organised by London Metropolitan Archives and Historic England was held on Friday 22 March 2013.

Archives and historic buildings offer important resources for uncovering the histories of disabled people. During the conference disability historians, activists and archivists shared their experiences of a range of research projects and discussed the different ways disabled people are documenting their own histories.

The lively debate and discussion have been captured in three films of the day made by end2end productions. They have been edited by theme. The full conference programme for the day is provided in the document below.

Watch the video on 'disabled people make history'


Watch the video on the use of archives and sources


Watch the video on engaging with the historic environment


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