Screenshot showing the point location of finds, lines of sections and outlines of samples and context within a trench
Screenshot of Later Silbury Roman Settlement GIS Database © Historic England
Screenshot of Later Silbury Roman Settlement GIS Database © Historic England

Computers & Archaeology

An overview of how Historic England use computers for their archaeological excavations.

Why archaeologists use computers?

Archaeology generates massive amounts of complex and inter-related information about how people lived in the past. Historic England archaeologists have used computers to manage and understand this information for decades, developing methods as technology has evolved.

Now our archaeologists use an array of digital technology from information management and GIS to landscape survey, terrestrial and airborne remote sensing.

Digital systems help us collect and manage a wide variety of archaeological information so that we can:

  • Share our data with others
  • Allow many specialists to use at the same time
  • Collect and look-after in one place
  • Provide different perspectives on our data
  • Collect data in new and innovative ways

How has archaeology changed with technology?

The latest computer systems can now bring together all of this information to help increase understanding of our archaeological sites and monuments.  Our archaeologists have chosen to use the Intrasis system.  

Hugh Corley

Archaeological Information Systems Manager
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