Trerithick House, Polyphant, Cornwall. Tree-ring Analysis of Timbers

Author(s): Alison Arnold, Robert Howard

Dendrochronological analysis undertaken on samples taken from the roofs of the Hall and West ranges of this building complex resulted in the construction of two site sequences. The first, TRKHSQ01, contains seven samples taken from the timbers of the Hall roof and spans the period AD 1503–1673. One of the dated samples was felled in AD 1673 with interpretation of the heartwood/sapwood boundary on the other samples suggesting these were also felled in AD 1673. The second site sequence, containing samples from the roof of the West range, could not be dated. Prior to tree-ring analysis being undertaken at this building, the Hall and West ranges had both been dated to the late-sixteenth century. It is now known that the roof of the Hall range is built from timbers felled in AD 1673, demonstrating that the present roof is in fact a replacement. It is unfortunate that none of the timbers of the West range roof have been dated and so at this time it is not known whether these also represent a replacement or belong to the original building.

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