Publication Scheme

Compliance with the Freedom of Information Act is overseen by the Information Commissioner's Office which has recently updated the information that they recommend organisations covered by the Act should make available. 

Historic England adopted the model Publication Scheme issued by the Information Commissioner in 2008.

Who we are and what we do  

Information about how Historic England is structured is available in the About Us section of this website.

Information about our legal governance is available in the What We Do section.

The contact details for our offices are available in the Contact Us section of this site, while information about how to get in touch with our Directors is available in the Who We Are section.

Information about the research that we do can be found in the Research section of our website. It includes a number of free reports and other documents on a wide range of subjects.

What we spend and how we spend it

The How we spend our money section contains lots of information including what we've spent in the last financial year and our planned expenditure for the next financial year.

The Transparency data page of the 'How we spend our money' section includes a range of information from the salaries of our senior staff to all expenditure over £25,000 and tenders over £10,000.  Our procurement portal contains further information about contracts that we tender.

You can also find out information about how we are funded as well as download copies of our Annual Report and Accounts.

Our priorities and how we are doing

Our website contains details of our corporate strategy and priorities which are detailed further in our Annual Report and Accounts.

How we make decisions

The Who We Are section allows you to access some Board and committee/panel papers and explains the rules that we follow when making decisions. Public papers are made avaliable once they have been agreed. Older public papers that are not avalaible on our website can be requested from our secretariat department.

Our policies and procedures

You can find out about Historic England's protocols and policies (including any statutory criteria) for the advice that we provide (including that on designation issues and planning matters) in the Advice section. Information on the advice we provide on planning issues is in the Our Planning Services section.

Please also refer to the services we offer section of this page for how to obtain free leaflets and information on grant offers.

Lists and registers

The statutory lists for designated sites such as listed buildings, registered parks and gardens and scheduled monuments are available in the Listing section of the website.  Those pages also include information on the criteria for inclusion onto the lists.

In line with the INSPIRE Regulations 2004 Historic England makes four spatial datasets - Listed Buildings, Scheduled Monuments, Protected Wrecks and Conservations Areas - available on line

The metadata for the data and services is registered on

Additional information can be obtained from the Historic England Archive, which is our public archive.

The services we offer

You can search our official publications, which includes guidance on specific areas.

Free advisory and information leaflets are available through the Customer Services Department.

Advice about obtaining a grant or putting a building or structure forward for designation (e.g. listing or scheduling) is available on the relevant pages of this site.

Press releases are available in the News section which also includes our official responses to a wide range of issues. 

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