Remuneration and Appointments Committee

The Remuneration and Appointments Committee oversees the recruitment process, performance and remuneration of the Chief Executive and considers issues relating to the appointment of Commissioners and committee members. It works closely with the English Heritage Trust in the selection of potential new Trustees.

It oversees Historic England’s diversity and inclusion policies and the way these are implemented, both in appointments and through HE’s public engagement strategy and programmes.

The Committee also reviews and advises on Historic England's overall Human Resources Strategy as appropriate to ensure that it is contributing effectively to the success of the organisation.


Chair - Paul Farmer

Lord Mendoza CBE
Patrick Newberry
Susie Thornberry
Sue Wilkinson

Meeting dates

2024: 9 May, 8 October

Declarations of Interest

Registers of Interest are maintained for Commission, the Historic England Advisory Committee, the London Advisory Committee, the business committees and for the Historic England Executive Team. They record any significant, ongoing interest that a member may have and are reviewed by the Audit and Risk Assurance Committee twice each year.

If a member has an interest in a specific case to be discussed at a meeting this should be declared at the start of the meeting and recorded in the minutes.