Heritage Counts in the North West

This year the North West Historic Environment forum decided not to publish a regional report. However, North West local area data is available in the Local Authority Profile section and regional data is available on the Indicators page, detailed below. 

The Boy Scout memorial on the right shows a statue of a boy standing to attention. On the left is the town war memorial consisting of a cross.
The Boy Scout memorial in Nelson, Lancashire, with the town war memorial in the background © Historic England

Historic environment indicators

The Heritage Counts indicators for the North West can be found on the Indicators page and data is categorised into five spreadsheets:

  • Discovery, identification and understanding: Provides indicators on the scale and scope of the historic environment and assets
  • Constructive conservation and sustainable management: Includes indicators on the overall condition of the historic environment with indicators from the Heritage at Risk programme and data on managing the historic environment including planning statistics
  • Public engagement: Presents data on participation in heritage, heritage membership and volunteering in the sector
  • Capacity building: Indicators of heritage investments from private, public and voluntary sectors as well as the skills and capacity of the sector
  • Helping things to happen: Includes indicators of the importance of guardianship

Previous reports

  • Not produced in 2014, 2015, 2016 or 2017
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