Glastonbury Lake Village

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Glastonbury Lake Village © Richard Brunning. South West Heritage Services

Open Programme

Heritage Protection Commissions (HPC) supports an open programme that funds projects that directly address the priorities outlined in Historic England's Corporate Plan. Please see our current Research Agenda, which sets out our broad research themes.

An open programme means that proposals can be submitted at any time.

Please discuss your application with the relevant Historic England Lead before submitting a proposal.

Regional or local projects should be discussed with the appropriate Historic England Local Office before submission.

Emergency funding

The Programme will also consider emergency funding to investigate unforeseen nationally significant heritage assets that are revealed during the planning process.

In exceptional cases we will also consider funding nationally significant assets at risk outside of the planning process.

You can download application guidance from below.

Help and advice is available from the Heritage Protection Commissions Team (HPCT). See contact details below.

Guidance for Grants Projects

Published 12 August 2019

This guide will help you apply for grant funding from Historic England through the Heritage Protection Commissions Programme.

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