Facing the Future: Foresight and the Historic Environment

By Historic Environment Intelligence Team, Historic England

This document introduces Historic England's approach to Foresight. This means the process of research and evidence gathering that is the key to the strategic, long term approach to heritage protection.

Protecting a nation's heritage is a continuous and long term venture. As government's national advisor on the historic environment, Historic England carries a responsibility to be expert and well prepared to serve best the needs of the physical remains of the past. In line with Government, industry and commerce, we are taking more sophisticated approaches to long term planning. The tools developed to assist with structuring this are now recognised as the discipline of Foresight.

The document explains:

  • The first principles of Foresight
  • How we have identified the key drivers affecting the historic environment, such as demographics, the economy, technology and climate
  • The implications and effects of these drivers
  • Possible responses to these threats and opportunities


1. Introduction
2. Drivers
3. Implications
4. Responses
5. Preparing for Practical Outcomes
6. Conclusions

Additional Information

  • Publication Status: Completed


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