Termites and Heritage Buildings

A study in integrated pest management

By Brian Ridout

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The last overview of termites for the non-specialist was published several decades ago and in the intervening years, both knowledge and the termites themselves have moved on. A 27-year eradication effort for one termite infestation in Devon has shown that UK structures are becoming vulnerable as the climate changes and also that extermination of a colony can be difficult even when there are no other termites waiting to invade.

Heritage buildings often present even more problems. Survey work and treatments may be complicated by structural and material complexity overlain with a requirement to retain as much undisturbed and original fabric as possible. There will be concealed cavities not inspected, and inserted barriers, both chemical and physical, will inevitably be incomplete.

This study discusses the modifiable environmental parameters that govern termite activity and offers a resume of the baits and chemical treatments that have been developed so that the most appropriate can be selected where necessary.

It is primarily intended for those involved in conservation, both in the UK and elsewhere, who commonly have limited resources. It is hoped that it will also be of use to architects, surveyors and others with an interest in heritage structures.

Termites and heritage buildings

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  • Publication Status: Completed
  • Pages: 144
  • ISBN: 9781802078398 (Hardcover) | eISBN:9781837646791 (PDF)


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