St Paul's Cathedral from Southwark Bridge, City of London, 1855-9

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St Paul's Cathedral from Southwark Bridge, City of London, 1855-9 © Historic England Archive RSL01/01/01

Picturing England - Free Outdoor Photographic Exhibition

Free outdoor exhibition at More London Riverside showcases Historic England archive photography.

From 6 October to 25 October 2015 over 70 evocative images spanning 150 years of English History can be seen in an outdoor show at More London Riverside, by Tower Bridge. The photos are drawn from the book of the same name, Picturing England, recently published by Historic England.

150 years of English History

From London’s Barbican Estate and Wembley stadium to Rievaulx Abbey in North Yorkshire, striking before-and-after shots illustrate the endurance of our buildings and landscape over time. These images reveal how crucial photography is for recording the history of places in the face of development, technological advances, bombing, natural disasters and neglect.

Archive aerial photograph of an autogyro hovering above Wembley Stadium on Cup Final day in 1935
Wembley Stadium, 1935. © Historic England EPW046905

Historic England Archive

Historic England Archive's photographic collections are part of an unparalleled collection of 9 million images that document England’s buildings and landscapes, taken from the ground and air. The Historic England Archive is one of the largest archives in the UK, the biggest one dedicated to the historic environment, and a priceless resource for anyone interested in England’s architecture, archaeology, landscape and social history.

These images form a remarkable national asset, a huge memory bank that helps us understand and interpret the past, informs the present and appreciation of the historic environment. Collectively these images can change the way we see and understand our environment.

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