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  • Conservation Bulletin 61

    Places of worship. Historic places of worship are among the best-loved and most potent of our cultural landmarks. But they need loving care and creative management if they are not to become lifeless monuments.

    Series: Conservation Bulletin

  • Conservation Bulletin 42

    Rural Matters

    Series: Conservation Bulletin

  • Conservation Bulletin 55

    Heritage: Broadening Access

    Series: Conservation Bulletin

  • Conservation Bulletin 60

    Conservation Principles in Practice

    Series: Conservation Bulletin

  • Conservation Bulletin 64

    Marketing the Past. Visiting historic places has never been more popular and the range of attractions has never been broader. What’s more, the heritage industry is working hard to keep pace with changing public demands.

    Series: Conservation Bulletin

  • Conservation Bulletin 62

    Conservation Areas. For 40 years conservation areas have helped to preserve the special character of places - not only at the heart of our historic cities and market towns but in their suburbs and surrounding villages.

    Series: Conservation Bulletin

  • Conservation Bulletin 1

    Buildings at Risk, p1; Editorial, p2; Heslerton Parish Project, p2; RTAS and Cowdray House, Midhurst, p3; Mathematical tiles, p4; Church grants, p4; Government grant for English Heritage in 1987, p4; Grants, August to November 1986, p5–6; Civic Trust awards, p6; The Ecclesiastical Exemption, p7; Medieval remains, Clerkenwell, p7; The Historic Buildings Resurvey, p8; The Monuments Protection Programme, p8; Redevelopment at the Royal Mint, p9; Stanwick Roman villa, p10; Farming and ancient monuments, p11; Rescue archaeology! What next?, p11; Organisation chart, p12;

    Series: Conservation Bulletin

  • Conservation Bulletin 2

    Historic Buildings and Ancient Monuments, p1–2; Editorial, p3; Ancient Monuments Laboratory, p3–4; Recording and management, p4–5; The archaeological budget, 1987–88, p5; All change on the London Underground, p6–7; Grants, 1986–87, p8–9;Conservation and National Health Service hospitals, p9; Conserving historic areas Bath, p10; Circular 8/87 paragraph 86, p11; Conservation Area policy, p11; Telephone kiosks, p12; 1987–88 grant budget, p12; Diary date, p12;

    Series: Conservation Bulletin

  • Conservation Bulletin 3

    Area Conservation Strategy, p1–2; Editorial, p2; Conservation Studio, p3; Grants, April – July 1987, p4; What price Fleet Street?, p5; What is a building?, p6–7; Diary dates, p7; Ancient monuments in the countryside, p8–9; Tilestones, p9–10; Civic Trust Regeneration Unit, p10; Listing decisions, p10; Archaeological resource management, p11; Excavations at Birdoswald 1987, p12;

    Series: Conservation Bulletin

  • Conservation Bulletin 4

    Buildings at risk, p1–3; Editorial, p4; Listing post-1939 buildings, p5–6; 14–15 King Street, Ludlow, p6–7; Diary dates, p7; Lead sculpture conservation, p8–9; Book reviews, p10–12; Grants, Aug – Nov 1987, p13; Computing in archaeology, p14; Register of Parks and Gardens, p14–15; Garden grants, p15; Telephone kiosks, p15; Conservation in action, p16;

    Series: Conservation Bulletin

  • Conservation Bulletin 5

    Shopping in historic towns, p1–2; Editorial, p3; Pollution and stone decay, p4–5; Diary dates, p5; Restoration of Adam suite at Kenwood, p6–7; Co-ordination in archaeology funding, p7; The Eleanor Cross, Geddington, p8–10; What is curtilage?, p10–12; Practical building conservation, p12; Post-war listing, p12; Book reviews, p13; Grants, 1987–88, p14; Grant offer levels for 1988–89, p15; Condicote henge, p15; Presenting the past to the public, p16;

    Series: Conservation Bulletin

  • Conservation Bulletin 6

    Monuments Protection Programme, p1–2; Editorial, p3; Conserving corroded ironwork, p4–5; Church grants, p6–7; European Community heritage awards, p7; `Visitors welcome’, p7; Larkin portraits restoration, p8–10; News and diary dates, p10,p12; Grants, April – July 1988, p11; Rescue archaeology funding, p12; `Emergency repairs’, p13; Historic towns, p14–15; Damage to monuments, p15; Correspondence, p15; Organisation chart, p16;

    Series: Conservation Bulletin

  • Conservation Bulletin 7

    Buildings at risk, p1–2; Editorial, p3; Development at King’s Cross, p4–5; Grants, Aug – Nov 1988, p6–7; Recording standing buildings, p7–14; `Over the shop’, p15–16; Archaeology and the Channel Tunnel, p16–17; Archaeology and planning, p17; Book reviews, p18; Historic buildings list review, p19; Notes and diary dates, p19; Policy review of the Royal Commission, p20;

    Series: Conservation Bulletin

  • Conservation Bulletin 8

    Britain’s World Heritage, p1–3; Editorial, p3; The water heritage, p4–6; Rescue archaeology funding, p6; Grants, April 1988 – March 1989, p7; Urban conservation studies, p8–9; Geophysical prospecting, p10–12; Book reviews, p12–13; Barns in the Yorkshire Dales, p14–15; Notes and diary dates, p15; Conservation – the video, p16; Farm buildings grant scheme, p16; The state of the schedule, p16;

    Series: Conservation Bulletin

  • Conservation Bulletin 9

    Archaeology in towns, p1–2; Editorial, p3; Victorian churches, p4–5; Marble Hill restoration, p6–7; Bollitree Castle, p8; Notes p8,11; Corporate Plan, p8; Corporate Plan, insert between p8 and p9; The Rose Theatre, p9–10; Ancient monuments prosecutions, p10; Ecclesiastical exemption, p11; List review, p11; No 1 Poultry, p12–13; Buildings at risk grants, p14; Book reviews, p14–15; A morality tale, p16; New telephone numbers, p16;

    Series: Conservation Bulletin

  • Conservation Bulletin 10

    `Clause 19’, p1–2; Editorial, p3; Records Office computing, p4–5; Crime and punishment, p5; Repair of historic buildings, p6; Royal Opera House, p6–7; Notes, p7; The Globe Theatre, p8–9; Historic architecture on waterways, p10–11; Additional funds, p12; Grant aid for churches, p12–13; Satellite dishes, p14; Historic Landscapes Panel, p15; Review, p15; Uppark House, p16; Buildings at risk surveys, p16;

    Series: Conservation Bulletin

  • Conservation Bulletin 11

    Urban development corporations, p1–2; Editorial, p3; M3 past Winchester, p4–5; White paper on the environment, p5; Buildings at risk grants, p6; London rail schemes, p6–7; Battersea power station, p7; Historic football grounds, p8–9; New road bridge at Ironbridge, p9; Grants, 1988–9 and 1989–90, p10; Notes, p10,13; St Mary-at-Hill, London, p11; Codes of practice, p12–13; Palace House Mansion, Newmarket, p13; Legbourne Priory, p14; New register of conservation areas, p15; Update on `Clause 19’, p15; Organisation chart, p16;

    Series: Conservation Bulletin

  • Conservation Bulletin 12

    Archaeology and planning, p1–2; Editorial, p3–4; Darlington ring road, p4–5; White paper on environment, p5–7; Listing nineteenth-century buildings, p8–9; Postal pouch boxes, p10; Corporate Plan, insert between p10 and p11; Conservation and craft training, p11–13; Conservation of wall paintings, p13–15; Notes p15,18; Conservation Group reorganisation, p16; New Technical Services Group, p16; Book reviews, p16–17; Clause 19 update, p18; Town scheme grants, p18; London’s river as building site, p19; Stanwick, p20;

    Series: Conservation Bulletin

  • Conservation Bulletin 13

    Fire and its aftermath, p1–4; Editorial, p4; Adam Library carpet, Kenwood, p5–7; Compulsory purchase, p7; Archaeology and trunk roads, p8; Downe Barns moated site, p9–10; Statutory all-change, p10–11; Planning for parks and gardens, p12–13; Archaeology and historic towns, p14–15; Queen’s House, Greenwich, p15–16; Conservation areas, p17; Architectural theft, p17–18; Winter Gardens, Great Yarmouth, p18; Postal pouch boxes, p19; Building preservation trusts, p19; Frogmore House, Windsor, p20; Notes, p21; Reviews, p21–3; Ironbridge, p24;

    Series: Conservation Bulletin

  • Conservation Bulletin 14

    Cathedral repair grants, p1–2; Editorial, p3–4; Historic landscapes, p4–5; Buildings at risk in London, p5–7; Rescue archaeology funding, p7–9; Nature on historic properties, p9–11; The Trundle, Chichester, p11; Change of ownership, p11–12; Romano-British pottery studies, p12; Framing opinions, between p12-13; Synagogues, p13–14; Great storms 1987 and 1990, p14–16; The conservation area criterion, p16; Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire, p16–18; Driving through the landscape, p18; Renovation of Paddington roof, p19–20; Number One Poultry, p20; Notes, p20–21; Reviews, p21–3; New conservation group structure, p24;

    Series: Conservation Bulletin

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