Bedlam Furnace, Ironbridge

Bedlam Furnace, Ironbridge, Shropshire, TF8 7QY

Remains of a coke-blast furnace, one of the first in UK to be built specifically for coke smelting. Built by the Madeley Wood Co in 1756-1757, bought by Abraham Darby iii in 1776 and subsequently by Reynold Brothers in 1796. Research suggests that they were used to cast the ironwork for the Iron Bridge. Believed to be the last furnaces of their type that remain largely intact.

Opening Arrangements

Bedlam Furnaces are open to the public 365 days per year, as they are not behind a pay barrier. Car park situated in front of monument allows for wheelchair user access. Public footpath around the Furnaces is not owned by the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust but gives visitors the option to walk around the Furnaces.

Parking Spaces