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The North Lowestoft Heritage Action Zone is home to a number of historic buildings, the oldest dating back to the 15th century. © Historic England EPW021249
The North Lowestoft Heritage Action Zone is home to a number of historic buildings, the oldest dating back to the 15th century. © Historic England EPW021249

North Lowestoft Heritage Quarter Heritage Action Zone

The Heritage Action Zone focusses on the medieval High Street, Scores (steep narrow paths in the cliff), historic smokehouses and net stores, and once fine Victorian parks of north Lowestoft. It will provide support, training, advice and grant funding to bring buildings back into use as housing or retail spaces. Research and a programme of community activities will make sure that the heritage of the area becomes better-known and valued.

This part of Lowestoft was originally the main medieval settlement, grown around a thriving fishing industry, including merchants' houses and commercial premises on the cliff top, and workers cottages and net stores below. The Heritage Action Zone will run until the end of March 2023.

View down some steep steps with metal hand rail running down the centre
Mariner's Score, North Lowestoft

How can I get involved with the Heritage Action Zone?

If you own a property in the Heritage Action Zone you can find out more about the renovation grants currently on offer.

If you live, work or visit the area and would like share your photographs and memories of the area, please Tweet us using the hashtag #ScoresHAZ.

If you have information or photographs about any of the listed buildings in the area, you can help the Heritage Action Zone team by adding that information to the List entry

As the research and other work gets underway we will have a programme of events and training sharing what we've found out about north Lowestoft.

Follow @lowestofthaz and @HE_EoE to find out what's on.

Narrow cobbled alleyway
Malsters Score, North Lowestoft

What is happening and who is involved?

The decline of the fishing industry and, in more recent years, changes in how people shop has left the historic High Street with fewer people and a lack of purpose. It has a high number of vacant properties, historic buildings in need of repair, and a lack of investment in its public areas.

The Heritage Action Zone will provide money, advice and time to help bring buildings back into use as housing or for commercial uses.  By investing in unloved historic buildings it will make the area more attractive for people who live there, work, or visit.

Old shop fronts
High Street in North Lowestoft

The Heritage Action Zone in north Lowestoft aims to:

  • Research and communicate why the area is so important to the history of Lowestoft
  • Bring vacant and 'at risk' historic buildings back into use
  • Deliver new housing in the area
  • Work with private sector landlords to fund the repair and reintroduction of historic features in buildings on the High Street
  • Improve pedestrian access to the High Street
  • Provide quality parks and spaces for the local community and visitors with cultural events to enjoy
  • Support local businesses, including re-introducing a regular market

The project is a partnership between:-

Where can I find out more about Lowestoft’s heritage online?

You can also see our research into the area:

Path running through park with trees either side
Bellevue Park, North Lowestoft

Where can I share information about Lowestoft’s heritage?

We are looking to record some of the local memorials and statues across England.

Find out more and nominate places in Lowestoft

We also are marking the centenary of the first British women to get the vote.

Find out more

If you know someone in Lowestoft who has a hidden suffrage story, we would love to hear from you.

You can send us your suffrage stories by email h[email protected] or by tweeting #HerStories and #ScoresHAZ.

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