Ernö Goldfinger

By Elain Harwood, Alan Powers

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Ernö Goldfinger (1902-1987) is noted for his pre-war Hampstead house, preserved with all its contents by the National Trust, and for his high-rise housing of the late 1960s. These buildings bookend a long and varied career as a modernist who thought deeply about domestic space, cities and the constructional discipline of architecture. Inspired by his teacher Auguste Perret, he carried the spirit of 1920s Paris to enliven the English architectural scene.

Goldfinger offered imaginative alternatives to standard solutions for post-war schools, housing and offices, and excelled at the composition of clusters of free-standing buildings as well as fitting neatly into existing streets. An unexpected aspect of his work was the collaboration with Paul and Marjorie Abbatt, founders of Britain’s first modernist toy business.

Based on thorough research in Goldfinger’s extensive archive and close knowledge of the full range of his projects, this book provides an accessible and generously illustrated account of a fascinating figure.

A unique collaboration by two of Britain’s leading architectural historians of the twentieth century, Elain Harwood and Alan Powers have campaigned for the preservation of Goldfinger’s work for over thirty years.

Ernö Goldfinger

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  • Publication Status: Completed
  • Pages: 200
  • ISBN: 9781848022744 (Paperback) | 9781837641185 (PDF) | 9781835539873 (ePub)


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