View onto landscape with prehistoric monuments like Oldbury Camp hillfort, the White Horse at Cherhill Down and listed Lansdowne Monument.

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Cherhill Down, Wiltshire, with Grade II* listed Lansdowne Monument and scheduled Oldbury Camp hillfort.

Download Listing Data

Listing data from the National Heritage List for England (NHLE) is available to download as GIS shapefiles. Here you can find out more about the type of information available and the link to the relevant files.

Download Listing GIS data

If you want to download listing data from the National Heritage List for England (NHLE) for use in Geographic Information System (GIS) software packages, you can do this free of charge here:

Download Listing GIS data

You can download the following datasets as zipped folders containing Esri shapefiles with associated metadata and licences:

  • Listed buildings (points)
  • Scheduled monuments (polygons)
  • Protected wreck sites (polygons)
  • Registered parks and gardens (polygons)
  • Registered battlefields (polygons)
  • World Heritage Sites (polygons)
  • Buildings with Building Preservation Notices (BPNs) (points)
  • Buildings with a Certificate of Immunity (COI) (points)
View onto the Lace Market, Nottingham.
The Lace Market area of Nottingham has a high concentration of listed buildings, including the Grade II listed former High Pavement Chapel (left) and the Grade I Church of St Mary (far right). © Historic England (DP136181)

The data indicates the location or extent of the protected area and includes basic textual information, such as:

  • List Entry Number
  • Name 
  • Grade (where applicable)
  • Designation date
  • National Grid Reference
  • Capture scale
  • Easting
  • Northing
  • Area (in hectares)

The Protected Wreck Sites data also includes the Statutory Instrument (SI) number as well as latitude and longitude.

Please note: other digital data, such as background mapping, is not included.

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