Crabbet Park, Tennis Court And Orangery, Worth, West Sussex

A group portrait inside the tennis court building at Crabbet Park, including Neville Stephen Lytton and his wife Judith Blunt Lytton, 16th Baroness Wentworth. Crabbet Park was well known for the Crabbet Club in the early years of the C20, of which all the leading politicians and other prominent people were members. The Bedford Lemere daybook records the Hon. N S Lyton under the architect column. This is Neville Stephen Lytton who resided on the Crabbett Park estate and competed in the 1908 Summer Olympics winning the bronze medal in the real tennis competition. J Bickley (Joseph Bickley the well-known builder of Tennis, Rackets and Fives courts) is recorded as the client.


West Sussex Worth


Edwardian (1902 - 1913)


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